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Varian Medical Systems has a vision of a world without fear of cancer. To achieve this goal, Varian provides tools for fighting cancer. VALA on the other hand has a vision of being the happiest company in Finland and the most important tool to reach this goal is meaningful work. Towards the end of summer 2017 we were offered a possibility to start fighting cancer together with Varian. Naturally we accepted the challenge.

VALA has been involved in a project that develops a software that specializes in planning the radiation treatment of cancer. The software can modify existing and create new radiation treatment plans for treatments delivered by various devices.

It goes without saying that the quality of a product in this kind of application needs to be on the highest level. VALA’s goal in the project is to help assuring the quality of the software by implementing a comprehensive test automation solution. When we started the project, a large number of tests had already been built, many of them were also automated. However, user interface testing was still largely manual. Our task has been to develop a solution for automating these tests. Overall, the project’s goal is to increase the coverage of automated tests and thus decrease manual work and the possibility of human errors that it brings with it.

By increasing user interface test automation, the work of test engineers has already become easier. Test automation helps to maintain continuous and efficient quality assurance because the possible issues can be discovered much faster, and this way they can be taken into account in an early stage.

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After a competition, MTV chose VALA as their strategic quality assurance partner in their digital services. MTV was especially pleased with VALA’s values, customer references and genuine interest towards developing MTV’s digital services. The cooperation begun in August 2017, and will continue until further notice.

“QA services are critical to our digital products. Because of this, the QA partner has to be able to perform beyond normal service delivery. We wanted a partner which can apply their knowledge in to the use of MTV and take their place as part of our development teams”, says Jyri Kyllönen, Director of Digital Services and Development at MTV.

VALA’s work covers the whole spectrum of quality assurance services including test management, manual testing, test automation and continuous development of testing processes. In addition, we will provide and maintain a testing laboratory used in the quality assurance of the digital services.

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VALA Group referenssi Vincit logo

Vincit and Hesburger have been in charge of the technical development of the Hesburger mobile application from the beginning, since 2015. VALA got involved when Vincit and Hesburger decided to find a partner, who would produce a suitable test automation solution for the Android and iOS versions of the application.

One of the main challenges was that the development team needed to be able to produce new features and enhance existing ones, faster than before. At the same time, naturally, it had to be secured that the changes wouldn’t brake any other existing features.

The project begun in March 2017. After that, we’ve automated over 600 test cases for Android and almost 100 for the iOS. When automating the test cases, it was essential to build the tests modularly from the beginning, to make it as fast and efficient as possible to automate similar test cases.

Vincit’s project manager Juha Riippi describes the collaboration as follows:

“The project has gone well and we are very satisfied with the results. It feels like all parties have learned from each other. We are particularly satisfied with the proactivity and how rationally the automation solution and the automated test cases have been built. Taking advantage of best practices and vast experience in building test automation solutions, have been evident. I can warmly recommend VALA for similar projects.”

Huawei VALA group reference

Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. Huawei’s ICT solutions, products, and services are used in more than 170 countries and regions, serving over one-third of the world’s population.

VALA and Huawei started consultancy partnership in the summer of 2016. Huawei values that VALA can provide flexible cooperation, high quality and reliable professional services with long-term perspective in mind. Cooperation with Huawei has been excellent from the day one. VALA has helped Huawei with skilled software development and software quality assurance professionals to enhance their delivery projects by deploying several professionals in different Huawei projects.

Amer sports Vala Group reference

Millions of sports enthusiasts use Sports Tracker to measure their sporting activities and compare those with other users. Innovative software combined with high-class design and top notch quality has made Sports Tracker one of the most popular sports applications in the whole world.

Since the code-base of Sports Tracker was constantly growing, the lack of confidence in making changes into the core functionalities aroused as a potential challenge. Developers where intimidated, that some changes might create problems into the software. In collaboration with Sports Tracker’s skilled team, we pondered the problem and decided together, that investing into test automation would bring the confidence back.

“Since VALA joined, we have made a huge leap. Sports Tracker’s QA is in a completely different level. When making changes into the software, Sports Tracker can now rely that the automation framework checks, that the older functions are also working. Also, the development team has now been able to concentrate on developing, not just testing. Sports Tracker now have the freedom to create radical and even groundbreaking features because they don’t have to worry whether the codebase gets broken or not. Sports Tracker can take more risks and this can also be seen as faster development cycle. Previously some changes were not made because something could get broken.” – Ramon Sadornil, Lead developer of Sports Tracker’s Android application

Solteq VALA group reference

Solteq is a digital commerce expert that provides integrated total solutions for multichannel commerce: from back office processes all the way to the purchasing experience of the customer – from supply chain management to digital marketing. Solteq employs about 500 experts in three countries and make deliveries to Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

VALA and Solteq started software testing and quality assurance partnership in the year 2016. Solteq values that VALA can provide flexible cooperation, high quality and reliable professional services with long-term perspective in mind. Cooperation with Solteq has been excellent from the day one. VALA has helped Solteq to enhance the quality of their delivery projects by deploying several QA professionals in different Solteq projects.

Zalando-Logo-valagroup reference

Zalando is a German based e-commerce platform company specialising in maintaining a cross-platform online clothing store.

Zalando chose VALA as their QA partner to improve their QA and software testing processes. VALA was taking responsibility in Zalando’s test automation and manual testing, allowing Zalando to concentrate on their core competence, software development. Personal touch in interaction with customer and quality of the work were the main factors for Zalando to choose VALA.

Crasman is a Finnish online business and digital media pioneer specializing in turnkey solutions for online business, covering internal and external communications, commerce, asset management and multichannel marketing.

Crasman chose VALA Test Plan service in order to improve their testing processes and the overall quality of their software products. Through Test Plan service Crasman was able to streamline development life cycle and clearly define the overall process and responsibilities. Instant benefits and savings were achieved through reduced amount of concurrent work. Instant process improvements were achieved through new Test and Defect management system employed during the project.

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Mtech is a leader in agriculture digitalisation. VALA Group stepped into the project and only after a couple of weeks, agile working methods were integrated into Mtech’s quality assurance. “VALA Group has helped us a lot. Jukka has brought sprint ideology into our quality assurance. Now we test our work as soon as it gets ready, instead of waiting until the whole software is ready!”

Ecolane logo

Ecolane provides the most flexible, affordable and reliable choice for transit agencies looking for transit scheduling software. With the rapid growth of business Ecolane needed help to ensure the quality of their software will remain outstanding.

VALA helped Ecolane in establishing standardized testing processes, reporting and documentation. In addition, VALA set up test automation infrastructure and enhanced test automation coverage to an optimal level. Tools and technologies used: Java, Robot Framework, Jira, Selenium, Jenkins, Oracle VM VirtualBox.

Qintegra logo

Qintegra is a state-of-the-art solution for performance test automation, test data warehousing, analysis and reporting. VALA has developed the automation and analysis modules. The work has required comprehensive knowledge in different tools, technologies, architectures and performance testing. Some of the tools and technologies used: Java, Maven, Python, Javascript, LoadRunner, Jmeter, SilkPerformer, Dynatrace, HttpWatch, Robot Framework, Selenium, Quality Center.

Valmet logo

Valmet Corporation is a leading global developer and supplier of services and technologies for the pulp, paper and energy industries. Valmet has over 200 years of industrial history.

VALA provides project consultancy in developing Valmet’s modularized and customized power, heating and boiler plant solutions, helping to generate power, heat and steam in an efficient and sustainable way. VALA’s main expertise has lied in project management and support functions.

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Tecnotree is a global provider of telecom IT solutions for the management of products, customers and revenue. Tecnotree helps communications service providers to transform their business towards a marketplace of digital services. Tecnotree empowers service providers to monetise service bundles, provide personalised user experiences and augment value throughout the customer lifecycle. VALA has helped Tecnotree in JAVA back end development and test automation creation.


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