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Varian Medical Systems has a vision of a world without fear of cancer. To achieve this goal, Varian provides tools for fighting cancer. VALA on the other hand has a vision of being the happiest company in Finland and the most important tool to reach this goal is meaningful work. Towards the end of summer 2017 we were offered a possibility to start fighting cancer together with Varian. Naturally we accepted the challenge.

VALA has been involved in a project that develops a software that specializes in planning the radiation treatment of cancer. The software can modify existing and create new radiation treatment plans for treatments delivered by various devices.

It goes without saying that the quality of a product in this kind of application needs to be on the highest level. VALA’s goal in the project is to help assuring the quality of the software by implementing a comprehensive test automation solution. When we started the project, a large number of tests had already been built, many of them were also automated. However, user interface testing was still largely manual. Our task has been to develop a solution for automating these tests. Overall, the project’s goal is to increase the coverage of automated tests and thus decrease manual work and the possibility of human errors that it brings with it.

By increasing user interface test automation, the work of test engineers has already become easier. Test automation helps to maintain continuous and efficient quality assurance because the possible issues can be discovered much faster, and this way they can be taken into account in an early stage.

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