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Software. Quality. Development.



Happiest Company 2020

Our vision is to be the happiest company in Finland by 2020. Because of this, our most important single objectives are to pursue meaningful work and happiness.

We believe that the most important aspects in a happy workplace are: meaningful work, caring about each other, empathy and mental & physical wellbeing. At VALA, you can be happier.


Career at VALA

Career at VALA means meaningful and versatile work, personal development, challenging oneself, good friends, successes and failures. If you feel that these aspects of work are meaningful to you, read more from our career page!


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2017 Financial Statement – Profitable growth continues

VALA Group continued on its profitable growth path in 2017. Both revenue and profit growth rates managed to keep up with the terrific levels of recent years. The annual revenue of 2017 was approximately 5,8 million euros making the revenue growth rate 47% from 2016.

VALA will open an office in Southern Europe and issue shares for all employees in the year 2018!

In the annual strategy evening held yesterday, it was announced that share issue will take place for all VALA employees within the year 2018. In addition, to that we will open a remote office in Southern Europe this year to provide a chance to work remotely with our customers projects from somewhere warm.