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Mining Equipment Industry: Planning and management of testing

In short

Our client is in the mining equipment industry where they work to help their partners enhance the safety, sustainability and productivity of their projects. This time our client had a project where multiple ERP systems were to be replaced with Microsoft D365 F&O and CRM

system replaced with Microsoft D365 Sales. At the same time, processes were harmonized so that there would be a global way of working for the client. VALA was in charge of the testing included in this project.

Why did the clients choose us?

VALA has been responsible for the planning and management of the Smart365 ERP project’s testing, as well as the development of test automation.

The systems that have been part of the project include: Microsoft D365 F&O, Jakamo supplier portal, integrations with other systems such as Sovelia PDM, PES production estimation tool, and Basware.

Business benefits we have created

We have created testing processes and trained individuals in such a way that the end-users of the client can independently perform effective testing focused directly on the most relevant aspects of their work.

As a result, we created reusable test cases, workflows, and training materials, enabling them to train new personnel in testing procedures in the future.

Here are some of the individual feedback we have received:

“I especially like that she is always prepared for the meetings that I have with her. She also drives changes in a good and positive way and is able to see the people aspect behind the changes.She understands many things and consequences, when talking about bigger picture.”

She has managed the testing activities in our global template project very efficiently and proactively. She has identified risks early on, so project teams have had enough time to react to the same, to mitigate issues.

She is able to utilize her wide experience in testing to lead the testing of Smart365 project with proactive approach. Successfully created practises to carry through testing in large project.

She is a very pleasant colleague, clear in her communication and open for collaboration. All sorts of issues are easy to deal with her.

What challenges have we managed to solve?

The client did not previously have enough resources for testing. VALA stepped in to address this challenge and make testing more comprehensive, higher quality, and structured.

We introduced new testing practices and processes to the customer and successfully trained the organization in these. Additionally, we have been involved in building a key user network for the customer’s various systems to represent end-users.