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Logistics industry: Building Test Automation

In short

Our client was a large Finnish logistics company.  We worked with their web-based platform, via which companies can send their products to their customers all over the world. The frontend is developed using React, and the backend is developed using Fast API. 

This platform is important to our client because it helps their customers send their products without any hassle. For most of their customers, there is no business without a reliable delivery service. 

We developed the clients’ whole regression suite from scratch. The regression suite was developed using Python and Robot Framework and consisted of both UI and API tests. On top of this we did some manual feature testing before releases, and mentored new testers.

Why did the clients choose us?

VALA has a good reputation in our field and with it, we managed to get a meeting with the client. In the meeting we managed to convey the client with our knowhow and our views matched so the rest is history. 

Business benefits we have created

The main business benefit driven from our service has been the reliability of the product and satisfaction of its users. Our contribution has led the product to be more bug-free and less prone to crashes and similar problems. Overall, we were successful in making the product reliable so that it can service its customers as intended with strong performance and ease.

Here are some of the individual feedback we have received:

He has been a great addition to our team. He was able to onboard and contribute to many of our project’s areas including automated and manual testing of both frontend and backend.

Discovered bugs and flaws were documented accordingly with our team’s agreed processes and requirements. If there was a lack of clarity in any tasks, processes or software’s behavior He did not hesitate to reach out to ensure everyone is on the same page on the given matter.

“Overall he’s a valuable asset to the team and a good teammate.”

“He has good communication skills and is flexible problem solver. Can not think of anything to improve on.”

“What went well:

– A good collection of RobotFramework tests created

– Willingness to help other team members

– Positive work attitude

Great work overall.”

What challenges have we managed to solve?

The old regression suite that the team was using was quite outdated and poorly maintained. The main challenge, obviously, was to create a new reliable suite from scratch.This challenge was successfully overcome, as the old suite was soon discarded and the team was able to rely on the new suite. 

The second challenge was the fact that out of our three member testing team, two of the members, although very talented, were relatively junior and not quite experienced with Python and test automation. So VALA’s specialistI acted also as a mentor for these two testers and this challenge was also successfully addressed.