VALA Culture

It’s difficult to condense VALA's culture into one specific definition, because our culture consists of at least as many components as there are VALA people. We have however, made a conscious decision of upholding certain values and customs that we hold vital no matter what happens. These principles affect our work culture, atmosphere and all decision-making, both small and large-scale. VALA’s culture is more than just inspirational quotes on screensavers and mousepads. VALA’s culture is a combination on actions, attitudes and relationships, with a hint of idealism.



Happiest Company

In order to reach our goal of being the happiest company, VALA constructed a program to take care of its employees comprehensively. The Life Quality Management program (LQM) was created to support happiness and wellbeing, not only in work related matters, but more extensively, relating to each employee as an individual with specific needs.

The LQM program is composed of 3 different dimensions that we believe cover the key factors in our lives:


VALA LQM-program


Meaningful work

A sense of professional drive is something we strive for in everyday work. We believe it is essential that the work we do feels meaningful and we wish everyone applying to VALA feels the same way. The emphasis on personal contact and having the opportunity to choose one's own project and working styles, aim to uphold a sense of meaningfulness and respect. At VALA, everyone has a say in the future of the company. Everyone has a chance to pitch ideas on industries and companies they wish VALA should cooperate with. Leads regarding new business and employees is encouraged and rewarded. Strategy related and big-picture decisions are decided on together.

Future and Personal Development

Opportunities for professional development are essential. It is important our experts feel they are continuously developing their skills and that their capabilities are used to their full potential. Life-long learning and sharing knowledge between each other are key elements at VALA. VALA offers support in planning everyone’s personal developmental paths and customer projects are decided on by how they suit each expert and their personal and professional needs.

VALA Attitude

Although we put strong emphasis on values and professionalism, things aren’t taken too seriously at VALA. We believe the quality we provide for our customers doesn’t suffer even though we have a relaxed and enjoyable approach to life. We have a “fail fast” attitude towards learning. An example of this would be when our Head of Creative Solutions, Otso, was sent to Europe’s leading start-up event, Slush. His mission was to document the hype and learn about the newest technologies emerging in the industry. He was supposed to keep our followers updated through our social media channels. After returning from his 3-day escapade, our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts had 0 new posts. All of this seemed secondary however, once we heard the excitement and enthusiasm in Otso’s voice when he told us about all the discussions and speeches he had attended. When asked about our transparently blank social media presence, he simply stated “Yeah, there wasn’t any time for that, I was too immersed in everything else”. VALA emphasises learning from mistakes and getting back on your feet quickly. Our take-away from Otso’s adventure to Slush is to send an accomplice with him next year. Preferably someone who’s got a more of a knack for social media.


Our general health and physical wellbeing have a direct connection to our overall happiness. In order to stay healthy and fit, VALA offers the services of a Personal Training service on the first floor of the office building, to all VALA people. Everyone has a chance to receive guidance and coaching in nutrition, recovery and exercise related matters. To make exercise a bit more social and enjoyable, VALA has weekly training sessions at the studio. We also get together to try various sports and hobbies. VALA's football team has enjoyed a rather victorious life-cycle. If VALA people wish to work out on their own time, VALA offers sports benefits that can be used for numerous activities. Also the basics, such as lunch benefits can be used to purchase a nutritious meal during the work day (or a Double Whopper and Oreo milkshake, whatever works for you).


No matter how great the job is, free time is always exceptional. For this reason, VALA aims to be as flexible as possible, so we can all live the life that suits our own needs. Learn about Veka’s thoughts on combining work and travel here. VALA realises how diverse and scattered modern-day lives are and we therefor focus on catering to all kinds of dreams and life situations (check out our policy on holidays here). In order to support everyone’s dreams and hobbies, Vala offers culture benefits that can be used for leisure activities. When going around and inquiring what contributes to people’s happiness, family and friends often come up top on the list. Unfortunately, we haven’t come up with a system to hire everyone’s family members quite yet. Until then however, our mission is to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable bringing their friends or family to the VALA office and VALA events. The more the merrier!


Career at VALA

Career at VALA means meaningful and versatile work, personal development, challenging oneself, good friends, successes and failures. You can expect these things and these will be demanded from you if you decide to join us. If you feel that these aspects of work are meaningful to you, read more from our career page!


Testimonials from VALA people

  • Keeping yourself competent and skillfull, in these fast changing times, you need challenging and interesting projects. And this is where VALA shines. I can choose the projects where I want to work and what kind of skills I want to learn.
    Test Automation Developer
  • Fuell group HIIT workout is awesome and available for every Vala employee. I would never do such heavy physical exercise alone. Good team is a great motivator.
    Software Developer
  • I haven’t been part of VALA team for long, but I’ve already noticed that what they say is true: VALA has open atmosphere, they appreciate development suggestions and they trust their employees. When I come to the office, I put my woolen socks on, grab a cup of coffee and take my laptop to the couch – it’s like I’ve come home.
    Office Manager
  • VALA also pays attention to the life outside work and remembers important life events, thanks for the wedding gift. Also conversations with Jasmiina and all the feedback channels and the feeling meter create a feeling of genuine caring.
    Test Engineer
  • Once on a lunch with Sami, I mentioned about my favourite coffee brand. Then a year later, the day I turned 40, the administration people took me to lunch. The biggest surprise however was Sami’s gift to me – a package of the coffee that I had mentioned a year ago. This made me feel very warm and nice. This is exactly the kind of place I like to work at.
    Test Engineer / Test Manager
  • I can genuinely affect what kind of projects I want to do. And there really is all kinds of opportunities available.
    Test Automation Engineer
  • VALA helped me to reach the kind of position that was most interesting to me personally. VALA really genuinely puts a lot of effort into professional development.
    Software Developer
  • VALA offers awesome possibilities for professional growth. The whole spectrum of technologies of digital future lies ahead. Just pick one and have fun while learning.
    Test Automation Engineer