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Test automation

01 — Problem:

Test automation is very useful when implemented already in the very beginning of a software development project. This way the software can be designed from the beginning to support test automation.

Unfortunately, many times test automation is brought to the table only when the amount of manual regression testing has already grown too large and the development team doesn’t get feedback on the new releases as quickly as they should.

Moreover, test automation is very useful because the developers can work also on the crucial parts of the software, because they can trust on the feedback provided by test automation. To sum up: without test automation, the development process is slower and more difficult to manage.

02 — Solution:

Automation testing is an integral part of software development. It is an answer to the functional testing needs when manual testing is either too difficult, too time consuming or too repeatable. In these situations it is wise to invest in test automation, which runs the same regression tests with better control, faster and with better quality than a human would.

When test automation is done well, there will be cost savings in a semi long time span. Moreover, software development becomes easier because the developers can do their work with confidence, not having to fear that something important will break with new releases. In addition, the developers get fast feedback from their work which also makes their work easier. When the repetitive regression testing is automated, the full potential of the software testers can be utilized and this will improve their efficiency and enhance their motivation and satisfaction.

All in all, there’s significant benefits with test automation. However, it’s important to remember that test automation is not some magic button which makes the world better in an instant. Successful test automation requires a lot of knowledge and expertise and it will take some time before the results become visible. For the question – is test automation worth investing – the answer is YES, when it’s done well.

03 — In practise:

We are one of the leading test automation companies in Finland. We’ve been automating software testing in web-, mobile- and embedded environments for more than a decade, we know what we are doing. In addition, we are a partner in Robot Framework Foundation.

In practice we offer turnkey solutions like implementing test automation from scratch taking over the whole test automation process of a service or an application. Naturally, we also offer test automation experts to create smaller scale test automation solutions. Additionally, we also offer test automation proof of concepts and current state evaluations.

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