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The Qt Group

Collaboration with Qt driving the growth

The Qt Group (previously The Qt company), has become a new leading tech company. Acquiring the best possible partners allows Qt itself to focus on technology and growth. As a top global provider of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, Qt cannot compromise on quality.

’VALA is an important partner for us. VALA’s expertise in quality assurance processes, test automation and testing complements what we offer to our customers. VALA is able to ensure the smooth implementation of our test automation and quality assurance products, regardless of industry, which makes it possible for us to support the success of our customers even better – this benefits everyone’, analyzes Qt’s Petri Lehmus, who leads Qt’s global services business.

’The most important thing for us is the success of our customers, and that’s where VALA’s experts bring significant added value. IoT solutions, increasing explosively in variety and volume, are the future of industry. That’s why our cooperation with VALA opens a promising future far ahead’, commends Lehmus.

Tuomo Peltonen is responsible for Qt’s partnership at VALA. He’s excited about the opportunities that the cooperation with Qt opens up for employees. 

“Qt is a top company already leading in a number of different industries. It is no exaggeration to say that Qt’s technology is building the leap into a new world of IoT. The fact that we get to play our part in supporting Qt’s customers in this global, revolutionary IoT megatrend, is a fabulous opening for our employees”, applauds Peltonen.

More information on a press release here.