Quality Assurance and Software Development Services

Quality Assurance

We at VALA, want to ensure that the quality of our software is the best. By automating regression testing, we release our creative testers to focus on exploratory testing. Our quality assurance professionals are known for their inventiveness and in addition to searching for bugs, are also heavily involved in enhancing the user experience of the software.

Our QA technology choices are always made based on the software and the customer’s individual requirements. However, Robot Framework often belongs to our preferred stack when it comes to automating regression tests. It comes naturally for us, mainly because of our extensive experience on it, but furthermore because we are part of the Robot Framework foundation.

Our scale of quality assurance services is wide. We carry out comprehensive projects such as initiating test automation from scratch and improving the whole quality assurance process of an application or a software, but we also offer individual experts or teams to solve simple or complex problems. Our other services include different quality assurance and testing POCs as well as current status evaluations. Examples of these include; test automation and test management tool applicability evaluations, software test plans and short exploratory testing workshops.

We often face a situation in which quality assurance has either been completely ignored, or its importance has been underestimated from the beginning of the development project. In other words, the planning of quality assurance begins too late, when the problems are already visible. If you have a new project beginning or you believe that there is a need for quality assurance in the future, we recommend reviewing our test automation evaluation.

Software Development

With first-rate technology, we at VALA Group solve challenges posed upon us by companies and society – a meaningful software project is what hungers us most. Quality-based development coupled with extensive commercial know-how guarantee the quality of the software solutions from the view point of both user experience and the business side.

Whether it’s a web service, a mobile service, or both in the same package – we will create software with flawless Back End and glossy Front End, leaving your users with a smile on their face.

Technology choices are always tailored to meet the customer needs and the current state. However, we believe the customer is not always right and we have the courage to speak up if we think of a more suitable solution. A few technologies we are currently using include; Javascript, ReactJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, Java, Python C # and C ++.

In addition to comprehensive solutions, we also provide entire teams or individual experts to solve the challenges of our customers.

Company mission

Enhancing client’s business through meaningful work, quality-focused development and automation.

Ways of Working


We deliver full projects. When a client has an idea, concept or product, and needs a feasible solution to convert this to the best business solution. We make it happen. In software development side, web applications, mobile applications and embedded development are our biggest strengths. In quality assurance side, we love to help with QA processes, building test automation and hands on manual testing.

Problem Solving

We solve problems. When technological challenges become business challenges, we investigate, analyze and solve the problem. Most familiar problems that need solving are building test automation and developing the processes of whole quality assurance.


We have the crew. When a client is in need for a special set of skills or extra resources, we deliver the right expertise, quickly and easily. We have the right professionals for manual testing, test automation, robotic process automation and software development (front end, back end sekä full stack).


We are present. Most typical project environments are with in customer premises, working as part of their team. We deliver full project staff or individual consultants to strengthen client teams – or to solve emerging issues.


We work from our premises. Our software professionals love to work in our office, being able to work with closest colleagues and utilize all our knowledge.


We have strong experience in nearshore projects, being able to utilize the benefits of countries with lower cost level. We also know the best practices related to remote working, being able to reach the best quality for time and money.