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Industrial equipment: Test automation and CI/CD pipelines

In short

Our client is a world-leading manufacturer of cranes and other industrial equipment used for example in ports.

VALA operates in the client’s embedded systems front – including crane control systems and automatic landing systems – enhancing the client’s software development processes and constructing test automation solutions.

Why did the clients choose us?

VALA has a good reputation in our field and with it, we managed to get a meeting with the client. In the meeting we managed to convey the client with our knowhow and our views matched so the rest is history. 

Business benefits we have created

VALA is involved in enhancing the client’s software development processes and constructing test automation solutions. Building CI/CD pipelines and automating tests have ensured the software’s high quality, significantly reducing the need for manual testing. 

Through collaboration with the client, VALA has successfully ensured that the release of new software versions does not break old features, resulting in cost savings as development progresses.

Here are some of the individual feedback we have received:

“An indication of professionalism is that he not only “performs” the assigned tasks, but understands what he is doing and therefore often makes better solutions than what is requested. 

He has competence and experience in matters and I am very happy that he shares his competence and knowledge in matters where we have room for improvement.

He figures things out on his own, participates in discussions and supports others. But at the same time he also focuses on his work and gets things done.

He is incredibly good at his job, exactly what you wish all consultants would be.”

“He works independently and knows how to request and ask for help when necessary. Also dares to make suggestions for improvement. Cooperation seems to be going well with the rest of the team. I can’t think of anything to improve that wouldn’t automatically develop as experience accumulates.”

Why did the client choose VALA?

The client had heard positive feedback about us and VALA’s consultants had relevant experience from the client’s perspective and industry. Due to successful collaboration and the commitment of consultants, the partnership has been steadily expanded.