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EKE Electronics

In Short

EKE Electronics is the leading provider of Train Control and Management System (TCMS) and Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) with turnkey project management and safety control systems. VALA has worked with EKE for four years with various projects.

Feedback for VALA

“We have been satisfied with how experienced and competent experts VALA has provided. In addition to this, the flexible agreement on matters and generally effortless cooperation deserve praise. Finally, we value VALA’s investment in taking care of its employees, this is in line with our values too; moreover, because of this we know that VALA’s employees are always top in their field.” – Johan Holmberg, VP, Engineering

In practise

VALA was able to provide technical know-how and experience for clients with a smooth and risk-free approach. Being able to demonstrate the approach was an important thing, but being able to deliver is far more important in the long run for VALA’s clients.

With VALA’s wide development experience and solid embedded programming skills, the clients have been able to deliver their software products with faster pace and better quality.

Feedback for VALA experts:

“Excellent at finding problem root causes and finding elegant solutions.”

“Nice overall view of software development practices and importance of automatic deployment and testing. Solid know-how in programming.”

“Very high quality work, with a lot of attention to detail and responsibility towards delivering good results.”