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In short: Solteq is a Nordic IT solution provider with several focus domains such as retail, ecommerce and utilities.

Business benefits we have created: VALA has been the main testing partner for Solteq since 2016. We have been helping Solteq to test and deliver over 40 different projects during our cooperation. In Particular, we have focused on MS Business Central projects and later on we expanded our cooperation to Solteq internal Utilities R&D projects such as I4U and Inworks.

Feedback for VALA consultants: 6 / 7, N=30)

Roles (amounts / role): QA Leads, QA Engineers, Software Developers

Why are VALA services important for the customer? VALA’s role has been providing complementing software testing and development services based on Solteq’s needs for different delivery projects. During our 7 year cooperation we have gathered a significant amount of expertise in MS Business Central related testing. This domain knowledge has been seen as a major benefit for Solteq.

Why did the customer choose VALA?
Initially Solteq chose VALA as the testing partner due to an earlier positive experience about VALA as well as references from other companies in the sector.