A career with
software quality and

A career with
software quality and

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Happiest Company

Our vision is to be the happiest company. Because of this, our most important single objectives are to pursue meaningful work and happiness. We believe that the most important aspects in a happy work place are: meaningful work, caring about each other, empathy and mental & physical wellbeing.


Testimonials from VALA people

  • Keeping yourself competent and skillfull, in these fast changing times, you need challenging and interesting projects. And this is where VALA shines. I can choose the projects where I want to work and what kind of skills I want to learn.
    Test Automation Developer
  • Fuell group HIIT workout is awesome and available for every Vala employee. I would never do such heavy physical exercise alone. Good team is a great motivator.
    Software Developer
  • I haven’t been part of VALA team for long, but I’ve already noticed that what they say is true: VALA has open atmosphere, they appreciate development suggestions and they trust their employees. When I come to the office, I put my woolen socks on, grab a cup of coffee and take my laptop to the couch – it’s like I’ve come home.
    Office Manager
  • VALA also pays attention to the life outside work and remembers important life events, thanks for the wedding gift. Also conversations with Jasmiina and all the feedback channels and the feeling meter create a feeling of genuine caring.
    Test Engineer
  • Once on a lunch with Sami, I mentioned about my favourite coffee brand. Then a year later, the day I turned 40, the administration people took me to lunch. The biggest surprise however was Sami’s gift to me – a package of the coffee that I had mentioned a year ago. This made me feel very warm and nice. This is exactly the kind of place I like to work at.
    Test Engineer / Test Manager
  • I can genuinely affect what kind of projects I want to do. And there really is all kinds of opportunities available.
    Test Automation Engineer
  • VALA helped me to reach the kind of position that was most interesting to me personally. VALA really genuinely puts a lot of effort into professional development.
    Software Developer
  • VALA offers awesome possibilities for professional growth. The whole spectrum of technologies of digital future lies ahead. Just pick one and have fun while learning.
    Test Automation Engineer

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