Test Automation


Test Automation

Test Automation is exactly what is sounds like, automating software testing. Why would you do something by yourself when it can be automated? However, there are many parts in software testing that require analytical and intelligent work. These tasks are the ones where we should focus our efforts on and leave the repetitive, unchallenging work for automation.

Top 5 things that can be achieved with test automation

  1. Continuous automated regression testing will yield long term cost savings.
  2. Test automation is the backbone of the whole software development process; it reassures that things will not break with new releases.
  3. Developers get quick feedback from their work.
  4. The development cycle will be in better control and KPIs can be determined.
  5. Time can be allocated into more meaningful work.

VALA Group is one of the leading test automation companies in Finland. We’ve been automating software testing in web-, mobile- and embedded environments for a decade, so we know what we are doing. In addition, we are a partner in the Robot Framework Foundation and Teemu Pesonen from VALA sits in the board of the Foundation.

What is test automation?

Automating software testing is an integral part of modern software development. Test automation is the key when the manual testing done by humans is either too hard, too time-consuming or it has to be done repeatedly. In these situations, it can be wise to invest into test automation which executes the same regression tests faster and in a more controlled manner than a human being.

Test automation – is it worth investing?

We’ve been surveying software testing trends for three years in a row at the Testing Assembly event. According to these surveys, the professionals in our field seem to be quite unanimous about the significance of test automation in software quality assurance. For three years in a row, test automation has been mentioned as the most significant future trend of software quality assurance (link to the survey results).

It seems clear that test automation is an important and essential part of software testing. But maybe soon we can stop talking about it as a future trend. Test automation is already in wide use and it’s here to stay.

When test automation is done well, there will be cost savings in a semi long term time span. Moreover, software development becomes easier because the developers can do their work with confidence, not having to fear that something important will break with new releases. In addition, the developers get fast feedback from their work which also makes their work easier. When the repetitive regression testing is automated, the full potential of the software testers can be utilized, and this will improve their efficiency and enhance their motivation and satisfaction.

All in all, there’s significant benefits with test automation. However, it’s important to remember that test automation is not some magic button which makes the world better in an instant. Successful test automation requires a lot of knowledge and expertise and it will take some time before the results become visible. For the question – is test automation worth investing – the answer is YES, when it’s done well.

For more information, contact

Teemu Pesonen

Business Director:
Quality Assurance


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