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It was in the year of the rabbit, 1987 in the faraway land of Sweden that my brother came home with a magic box. Outward it looked like a kind of typewriter, but strangely enough it connected to the television and also to a strange tape player. It changed everything.

But though my interests had been given a clear path, it was somehow an impossible mystery to me: how to be a programmer? So I spent many years studying all except computers, leaving that aside. Until I decided as a last small effort to apply for a new game developer school, thinking it wouldn’t lead anywhere.

It turned out to be a trial by fire, involving great team efforts and longer days than I’ve ever seen before or since, working away at taming the code and produce miracles.

I entered the professional realm at a small startup called Imperial Game Studio. But alas the empire fell, and I had to be exiled, flown to Finland, land of Heavy metal introverts, to work in the mines of the Angry Bird factory.

After 3 years of slinging birds, it was enough however and I began to wonder how the industry of bit shifting looked outside of the gaming circle. In the year of the codemonkey 2016 I applied to VALA Group and got hired immediately.

The first project somehow fell through, so the next client became a small startup, for whom I made an Android application, and helped with project management. I have continued on the Android track throughout my time at VALA, doing apps for the postal service, flying to France to work with a phone company and doing Research and Development for the Chinese.

I am now embarking on a new adventure, a project like no other: To care for my little baby for some months. I am hopeful that she will turn out at least as well as any of my other projects, and I know the future holds no bounds for either me or her.