Software Development


Software Development

We solve companies' and society's challenges with technology. VALA lives from meaningful software projects. Quality driven software development combined with extensive business knowledge guarantees that your software is the best quality for the users and for your business.

Whether it's a web-, mobile- or embedded software – we make sure that the back end works, front end shines and the user feels the quality.

Our technology choices are tailored by our clients' needs. We don't have any restrictions in what comes to the technologies used. However, the customer is not always entirely right and we have the guts to disagree when we believe we know better. Here are some of the most used technologies at VALA at the moment: Javascript, ReactJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, Java, Python, C# and C++.

At the moment, VALA has approximately 20 highly talented and experienced software developers helping our customers with their development projects. In addition to working with large entities or projects, we also offer teams or pairs of developers to help our customers with their various challenges.

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