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Quality strategy

01 — Problem:

Many times the product development teams and projects are siloed and handling the bigger picture of the quality is difficult. This leads to a situation where there is too little or no communication about joint quality processes and practices. The tools too can vary a lot between teams. All this creates inefficiency to the development and slows down the path from an idea into production.

02 — Solution:

Company level quality strategy sums up the company’s quality goals. It helps harmonising the processes and practices between teams. Mutually agreed strategy helps build the bigger picture and find the bottlenecks of development.

03 — In practise:

We have an extensive history in sparring the product development- and company wide management in creating working quality strategies. As part of the assignments we create a comprehensive overview of the current situation in terms of development teams, processes, tools and challenges. Based on this current state analysis, we form the strategy together with the customer, using our own quality strategy template.

For over 10 years we’ve gathered best practices from various environments. This experience together with our thoroughly thought out document templates, ensure that creating the quality strategy is as effortless as possible to the customer.

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Juha Pomppu

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