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Test automation evaluation

01 — Problem:

Test automation is always an investment which pays itself back sometime in the future. Moreover, it should not be used in all situations but in suitable places with carefully consideration. 

Thus it’s natural that test automation brings up many questions like: Should we invest in it now or later? Does it bring cost savings and when? How should we implement it?

02 — Solution:

In VALA’s test automation evaluation, we form an objective view on possibilities of test automation in your organization. In practice, it points out test automation benefits and gives our suggestions for best test automation solutions. Let us help you to have a structured and independent test automation analysis to support your decision.

03 — In practise:

In practice the test automation evaluation is executed as follows: First we introduce ourselves to the software at hand, its architecture and its development process. Then we try to map out the wishes, challenges and concerns of the development team by interviewing the central members of the team. This current state evaluation enables us to provide a sophisticated estimation of how test automation should be implemented/developed and which are the phases of the development process where it would be most beneficial. In addition, we can provide tool- and technology recommendations based on the situation and capabilities of the customer.

Test automation evaluation usually costs approximately 5000 – 10 000€, depending on the scope of the project.

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