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01 — Problem:

Modern software development requires a lot from developers. Today’s market is very demanding and requires a lot also from the software as well as the companies producing modern software. Bad developer experience, prolonged time to market, productivity challenges or bad customer experiences are all things that companies and developers need to tackle on a daily basis. These challenges are where modern DEVOps practices bring answers and solutions.

02 — Solution:

DevOPS is mainly about product management with all its aspects combined with a healthy company culture. In the end it is all about understanding what both the experts and the business need to create competitive products and winning teams.

DevOPS is a culture that mostly relies on collaboration, trust, transparency and empathy. Tight collaboration requires trust and trust is achieved with full transparency and open communication between the teams and on all organizational levels.

Having a highly functioning team requires a psychologically safe environment which allows everyone to be at their best and leverage our differences for coming up with different ideas for solving complex problems. Trust and empathy brings the ability to strive for continuous learning, spread knowledge and learn from each other. It also brings the ability to learn from one’s successes and failures both on a team and organizational level. Continuous learning enhances the developer experience and increases employee engagement, adds meaningfulness of work and thus increases productivity. Increased productivity on the other hand shortens the development cycle and time-to-market and creates more value faster to customers.

03 — In practise

In practice, we offer both DevOps experts and DevOps culture.

Our DevOps experts will spar your organisation about DevOps culture. Moreover, they will naturally help build or enhance your Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipelines and other practical DevOps tasks like continuous testing and continuous monitoring.

Everyone at VALA is a DevOps advocate and brings the culture to your organisation. Basically you could say that instead of offering DevOps service, all our services are infused with DevOps culture.

DevOps practices and tools give you the ability to better respond to your customer needs, increase confidence in the applications you build, and achieve your business goals faster.

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