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Software quality assurance


VALA is undeniably one of the most attractive employers in our field. This has enabled us to maintain very high standards in our recruiting for years already, in terms of both technical and cultural fit. Thus we dare to say that VALA people are the best quality assurance professionals in Finland.

Besides skilled experts, we offer you all our experience and know how, gathered from over 15 years in the field. We have developed our own VALA Quality path ideology and framework, which supports you in all phases of software quality work. 

We provide turnkey projects like test automation solutions or developing the quality assurance process of certain application or service. On the other hand, VALA experts naturally solve “smaller” problems too.

Our other software quality assurance services include various proof of concepts and current state evaluations. Examples of these are our test automation and test management tool evaluations, software test plans and short exploratory testing workshops.

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Juha Pomppu

Juha Pomppu

QA Services & Solutions Lead +358 40 350 9995