VALA Test Automation


VALA Test Automation Evaluation

Assessment for any size of organisation that gives independent view on feasibility of test automation.

Would test automation be beneficial for your organization?

Could test automation save money and time, and provide better test coverage?

How should test automation be implemented in your organization?

Test automation is not always necessary, appropriate or cost effective. However, test automation can provide significant cost savings, due to following facts:

Test automation can provide significant cost savings

  • Test coverage is increased
  • Possibility for manual mistakes is minimized
  • Test execution time is shorter and more predictable
  • Tests can be executed whenever
  • Test reports can be accessed immediately
  • Test process is more controlled

VALA Test Automation Evaluation gives you an objective view on possibilities of test automation in your organization. In practice, it points out test automation benefits and gives suggestion for best test automation solution. Let us help you to have a structured and independent test automation analysis to support your decision.

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Teemu Pesonen

Business Director:
Quality Assurance


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