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Amer Sports

Millions of sports enthusiasts use Sports Tracker to measure their sporting activities and compare those with other users. Innovative software combined with high-class design and top notch quality has made Sports Tracker one of the most popular sports applications in the whole world.

Since the code-base of Sports Tracker was constantly growing, the lack of confidence in making changes into the core functionalities aroused as a potential challenge. Developers where intimidated, that some changes might create problems into the software. In collaboration with Sports Tracker’s skilled team, we pondered the problem and decided together, that investing into test automation would bring the confidence back.

“Since VALA joined, we have made a huge leap. Sports Tracker’s QA is in a completely different level. When making changes into the software, Sports Tracker can now rely that the automation framework checks, that the older functions are also working. Also, the development team has now been able to concentrate on developing, not just testing. Sports Tracker now have the freedom to create radical and even groundbreaking features because they don’t have to worry whether the codebase gets broken or not. Sports Tracker can take more risks and this can also be seen as faster development cycle. Previously some changes were not made because something could get broken.” – Ramon Sadornil, Lead developer of Sports Tracker’s Android application.