Software testing and
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Quality Assurance and Software Testing

Quality assurance is critical in software development. Without it, software development is like a house with poor walls – it can stay together but it probably won’t (and you’ll be stressed all the time).

Nowadays commercial software is not going to be successful if there are faults in the usability. These can be anything from the usability of the UI to speed and safety of the software. There are many parts in software testing and all of them have to be taken care of so that the software can work the way it is supposed to.

If one wants to keep the users of the software happy, or let alone get users, quality assurance simply can’t be forgotten. Bad user experience pushes the users away and presents an unprofessional impression of the company behind the software. No one wants that kind of image for his/her company. But hey, good news: it can be avoided with proper quality assurance. A common pitfall in software development is to underestimate the resources of quality assurance and this can easily lead to not meeting the deadlines or just simply into poor quality of the software. It’s not enough to have the best developers, you also need to have the best quality professionals.


Success in quality assurance and software testing is really visible below the line

When planning a software development project, it is imperative to take into account also the different test phases, the guideline being project's complexity. If the goal is to print "Hello, world", performance testing is definitely overkill. VALA Group can manage the whole development project from early design to development and testing, and to go-live and maintenance testing. We also deliver comprehensive quality assurance services and challenging test automation development and ramp up services, often as a complete package tailored for each customer. We provide quality assurance professionals for all your needs and situations.


We focus in true quality assurance professionals

VALA is a forerunner in software testing and quality assurance in Finland. That’s why it’s natural that we have knowledge and experience in all relevant areas of quality assurance. Our professionals have more than ten years of relevant experience in average, so you can rest assured that your software is in good hands.


Software testing is the only way into building and maintaining excellent software

Software testing is basically very simple. However, handling the whole entirety is surprisingly difficult and requires various types of expertise and methodologies. Below is a summary of the most well-known methods of software testing.


Software testing can be roughly divided into a couple of main areas


There are many levels of testing


There are a couple of main aspects in test management

Test planning or creating a test plan is one of the most common tasks for a test specialist. In that plan, the test target, schedules, environments and responsibilities are described. Also, the creation of test data, reporting defects and test report are covered in the plan. Test/development team tasks are listed, including e.g. creating test cases, defect lifecycle and reporting. In addition, debugging responsibilities and future development ideas or process changes can also be included. There are several tools available to manage the tasks and work mentioned above. To integrate all of them fluently, and to communicate to other stakeholders within the organization are part of the everyday bread and butter of a QA consultant.


For more information, contact

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