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VALA Guides

Here you'll find VALA's guides for various topics relating to employee wellbeing, software development and software testing. We want to share our knowledge and ideas to as many people as possible, thus we don't ask any information from you and all our guides open directly in your browser. Happy reading!


Test automation guide

This guide goes through everything essential of test automation from a business viewpoint. The guide doesn't go too deep into technical matters, but instead focuses on the following aspects: What is test automation, The pros and cons of test automation, Suggestions for tools, What to consider before implementing test automation, and what happens after it.

Test automation evaluation guide

Replacing or complementing manual software testing with test automation may bring substantial benefits. On the other hand, test automation is not suitable to all situations; it's not always cost efficient or even necessary. With our guide you'll find out whether test automation would be suitable for you right now.

Remote work handbook

VALA rapidly switched to almost 100% remote work when COVID-19 hit. Shortly we started to gather tips and ideas from VALA people relating to remote work. Soon there was so much content that we decided to turn it into a guide, a 48 page guide to be accurate. Whoops. Even though this guide is for VALA people, we thought it would be nice to make it public to share our tips for you too. Also, this serves as another window into our culture for those who are interested.