VALA Software Test Plan


VALA Software Test Plan

Find out the strengths and weaknesses of your software testing.

Regardless of organization’s size, VALA Software Test Plan service examines your software testing environment and gives you a hands-on plan how to make it more efficient. Well planned testing improves testing and coding practises as well as product quality, and saves time and money.

Benefits from VALA Software Test Plan

  • A clearly defined test plan improves efficiency
  • Detailed test process makes testing more systematic
  • More fluent team work when everybody knows their responsibilities
  • Transparent test process assists in client relationships
  • Documented user stories eases the creation of test cases
  • Agreement on tools makes process implementation faster

VALA Software Test Plan service defines the process most suitable for your development environment. By examining your current situation, it pinpoints improvement possibilities, showcases the best practices and creates a test plan to help you have more structured software testing.

Whether your testing is based on a quasi-agile way where people rely on everything to be tested as development goes forward, or methodically follow rules created by the teams themselves, a well-planned and documented test plan will help foresee testing needs and resources, and improves coherence of test results and reporting.

Software test plan is the backbone of software testing; it defines the process how you ensure product quality. Every software development environment is somewhat different from the others and, hence, the needs for a test plan vary. The correct test process can bring significant improvements to your quality assurance.

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Teemu Pesonen

Business Director:
Quality Assurance



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