VALA Group company

VALA Group company

VALA Group in a nutshell


Vision of happiness

First things first. Our vision is: Happiest company striving for sustainable impact. The goal of happiness is huge and we are aware that we may never reach it. We are also aware that no one can be forced to happiness and not everyone can be happy.

VALA's responsibility as an employer is to do everything in its power to improve the things that it can affect. To mention a few, these things can be affected: meaningfulness of the work, mental and physical wellbeing, balancing work and free time, enabling a culture of self directedness, encouraging self development and warm human relations at the company.


How does the vision of happiness affect on our employees and customers?

VALA's employees

To our employees, our vision means that we promise to do everything we can towards our people’s happiness. No doubt, we have very comprehensive benefits and other luxuries, but we believe true workplace happiness comes from the actual work and its meaningfulness. Finding meaningful work for our people is our single most important goal.

VALA's customers

To our customers, the vision means that they are number two on our priority list. At first glance, this probably sounds a little harsh, but hear us out! We are certain that our emphasis on employees and our focus towards happiness will indirectly leave all our customers better off.

Firstly, people who feel good about their work and life, perform their work with better quality. Secondly, because VALA people choose their own projects, they are per se in projects where they are highly motivated and thus, feel good. Finally, good company culture which improves itself continuously, keeps its employees satisfied and satisfied people talk about their experiences and recommend the company to others. This way, we get even more first-class experts joining our ranks to offer their expertise to our customers.



VALA Group Ltd is an international engineering company specialized in software development, software quality assurance and software automation.


Our mission is: Creating meaningful impact on our clients’ business through powerful culture, quality-focused development and automation.


Our biggest strengths are test automation, software testing, quality assurance process consultation and quality driven software development.

The company was established in Helsinki in 2008, on its founders’ solid background in embedded systems and quality assurance. And especially, through successful projects with professional personnel, the company has grown to its current size of over 100 people.

Our customers range from SMEs to major publicly listed companies. Most of our projects are done in following domains: financial, telecom, electronics and medical. Our projects vary from embedded systems to web-based services with emphasis on innovative solutions and excellent quality.

The company headquarters is located in Helsinki, Finland, while we occasionally operate in Germany and Romania as well. In Germany, the company is ETL (AÜG) licensed, enabling the company to work onsite also on German projects.


You can be even happier

Enjoy your work and life to the fullest and pursue a career at VALA.

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