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VALA will continue to compensate its people’s whole carbon footprint and more in 2020. So far, we’ve done this with the help of a partner called Chooose. Put it simply, we’ve paid Chooose and they’ve used the money in their clean energy project in Kenya. Our partnership with Chooose has been wonderful. However, now we have found an even more concrete and compelling way to do our part. 

Next year VALA will start growing a forest of our own! Together with Siili Solutions, 4H-organisation and their project Taimiteko, we’ll start planting trees in Finland. What’s best is that Taimiteko employs teenagers to plant the trees, providing many ninth graders with their first summer job. 
In Finland, an average carbon footprint is approximately 10 000kg of CO2 per person.

According to LUKE’s (Luonnonvarakeskus) calculations, 43 trees must be planted to compensate 10 000kg of CO2. So that’s what we’ll do! Per employee. Annually. 
On top of that, we’ll continue to compensate the following:

  • The amount of CO2 of our people’s flights to our remote office,
  • A person’s average CO2 footprint of one month for everyone that we interview for a job at VALA
  • The amount of euros saved when a new employee declines VALA merch (e.g. doesn’t take a VALA sweater = 20€ goes to planting trees)

Let’s go plant some trees!