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We are pleased to announce a significant change at VALA Group that marks an exciting new chapter for our company!

After an incredible 16 years of dedicated entrepreneurship, the CEO of VALA, Sami Tuomisaari, has made the decision to step down from his role. 

Sami has been the driving force behind the success of VALA, a true embodiment of the company. Without Sami, VALA would definitely not be the company it is today. It’s safe to say that VALA people will miss Sami greatly and that he can not be replaced one to one. 

Luckily, while he will be stepping away from the CEO position, we are happy to share that he will continue to be an important part of VALA as a member of our board.

As we bid farewell to Sami in his current role, we are equally excited to welcome Marcus Mattila as our new CEO, effective from the 2nd of May. 

Marcus brings with him a great deal of experience, having spent 16 years at Reaktor, one of Finland’s leading IT consulting companies. His expertise in developing world-class strategic customerships and award-winning digital services, will undoubtedly be invaluable in VALA’s future plans.

Marcus’s strong background in business development and client work is also something that helps us towards our goal of being the number one QA partner for the largest companies in Finland. We are confident that under his leadership, VALA will reach new heights and continue to provide exceptional quality to our clients.

I would like to thank Sami and VALA professionals for building an exceptionally strong company and for the confidence in me. I am excited to start and it feels great to leave one great company for another great company. – Marcus Mattila, future CEO of VALA

Marcus Mattila

Please join us in our heartfelt gratitude to Sami for his exceptional dedication over the years. And at the same time, let’s welcome Marcus to the VALA family and look forward to an exciting future together.

I’m personally very excited about the change. Marcus will bring VALA precisely the experience and rocket fuel the company needs right now. He has an exceptional track record, and thorough understanding of both software development and business management. I am also confident that Marcus is a perfect match to VALA culture, built on noble principles, such as trust, respect and empathy. We share the same view that people are everything. Welcome Marcus! – Sami Tuomisaari, current CEO of VALA

Sami Tuomisaari