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VALA Software Quality Corner

We make software that works. We want everyone to make software that works. Thus, we offer our help, for three chosen companies, pro bono and no strings attached.

The selected companies get a free 2 hour quality workshop, where we identify practical quality improvements for you. A comprehensive summary report with suggestions is also included in VALA Quality Corner.

Would your company like to be one of the three selected ones?


VALA Quality Corner is a 2 hour workshop where the focus is your product quality! We will first talk about the product and its importance for your organization. This is followed up with in-depth discussion about problems, challenges and risks related to this product.

The workshop ends with brainstorming the ideas about what would be the key changes that would help product quality the most. All this will be documented and you will get report after the workshop.

For Who?

Please gather your key people (max 6) from a single project or product stake-holders, including project management, product ownership, development, testing and support.

There is no need to prepare for the workshop, just bring yourself and your thoughts to the group. Please note that these workshops are in meeting room – no remote participation, thank you!

By who:

Juha Pomppu, QA Services & Solutions Lead

Hi! I will be hosting these Quality Corner workshops. I am a devoted QA specialist with extensive history with software development, testing and Quality Assurance.

I’ve worked both in product houses and in consultation, so I am familiar with different methods, requirements, tools and goals. Every project and product is unique – but that gives us a good challenge to find out the best possible ways of work.

I am really looking forward to meeting your great team in a workshop!

In addition to Juha’s expertise, you’ll also get one additional VALA Account Manager, who helps with the workshop arrangements.

In practise you get:

A concise and thorough report of the quality or your product containing:

  1. Introduction of the focus area(s)
  2. Problems, challenges and risks
  3. Prioritized improvement ideas

During the 2 hour workshop you will most probably:

  1. Get many fresh ideas
  2. Get confirmation for the things that you are already doing well

The workshop and the final report help you understand:

  1. The strengths and weaknesses of your quality
  2. What is the price and the alternative cost of quality
  3. How quality is seen by other people in your company

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