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Positive recap of 2022

You are just about to experience a true multimediaextravaganza with positive vibes of VALA 2022 in pictures and videos!

Inspired by all the smiling faces, I would like to thank everyone for making us what we are, and for standing where we stand!

To be honest, thinking of 2022 doesn’t equal with positive vibes: This year we have been witnessing an exceptionally rough era with several global crises, anxiety and sorrow. There are no words to express how bad we feel. But I feel that especially during these times, we should also remind ourselves about the good things.

Therefore, I decided to write a summary of positive events throughout the year 2022 at VALA. This was originally meant as a letter to VALA people but why not share it to our followers too.

So here we go, the multimediaextravaganza:


Well that aged well… Despite sticky rumours, I was not able to find any images or videos to prove that anything happened at VALA in January 2022. I guess it was business as usual.

But on the other hand, what comes to business, January was a pretty poor month by our standards :D… Well, on to the next one, it gets better I promise. 


February is the month of Valentine’s day and at VALA it means remembering our colleagues and giving praise. Take a look at this video and tell me it didn’t make you feel nice and warm :).


In March we organized a campaign to support Ukraine, where we would donate double the amount of money that individual VALA people donated. In the end, VALA individuals donated a whopping amount of 4810€. VALA doubled this so in total, we donated 14 143€ to Ukraine through Finnish Red Cross.

In March we also celebrated International women’s day and sent bouquets of flowers to all who identify themselves as women at VALA.

Bouquets on Women’s day


At the end of April there was VALA Wappu. This is all I have to say about that :D…


May’s positive was definitely one of our favourite events, Robocon!

VALA Robocon group


June we had our summer party which was pretty great. Check the video below for vibes. Moreover we were happy to release the results of our Employee satisfaction survey, which by the way were almost better than ever.


In July we renovated our office and enjoyed summer holidays. Both resulted in VALA people being a bit more relaxed in August ;).


In August we celebrated our five-year journey with MTV!

VALA x MTV 5 years celebrations cruise

… And opened our second remote office in Marbella, Spain!

View of the pool area in our new city apartment in Marbella


Our other favourite annual event is Testing Assembly, which we were happy to attend with a large group of VALA people once again.

Vala testing assembly
VALA testing assembly group

In September we also launched our new Communities 2.0 model. To put it shortly, we try to have more fun and more communal activities. Thus we started by going to Linnanmäki :)!

VALA communities 2.0 launch day at linnanmäki


In October we had another charity campaign where VALA and VALA people donated 800€ to Nenäpäivä.

Halloween is also something that we relate to October at VALA. Valloween was yet again fun for adults but especially for children :).

Valloween 2023


November, amongst other things, we had the second VERIVALA of the year. VERIVALA is our blood donation group.



December was naturally time for Christmas related stuff as we had our Christmas party, Christmas calendar and Christmas presents. This year our Christmas presents were only a package with VALA wool socks and some drinks etc. as most of the budget was spent on donations to Ukraine.

VALA Christmas party 2022
VALA Christmas present
VALA Christmas present

Now it’s time to say thank you for this year. This was a good year for VALA, and it is all because of you. Especially I would like to thank you for being yourselves, and for bringing all the positive energy and empathy to others at VALA.

Let’s keep respecting and caring for each other, results on the work front will follow.

You are all very much valued and appreciated. More than you probably know.

– Sami