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As one of our core values is empathy, it’s no surprise we believe in making our workplace welcoming to everyone, no matter who they are. We think it’s important that everyone feels included and treated fairly. This isn’t just something we say – it’s built into how we do things every day. We believe having a mix of people from different backgrounds helps us come up with new ideas and be more successful.

As we are taking steps on this ongoing journey, we recognize the significance of psychological safety, seek concrete insights for improvement and most importantly, understand that there’s much work to be done.

Psychological safety is a foundation of inclusivity

We want our workplace to be a comfortable and welcoming space for everyone, where you can be yourself. At VALA, we value togetherness and invite everyone to be a part of our community just as they are. Our culture is built on caring for one another, feeling like you belong, and making sure everyone feels psychologically safe. We believe that when people can be their authentic selves, it leads to more teamwork, creativity, and personal development.

To ensure continuous improvement, we have implemented concrete actions to enhance our DEI initiatives. Our Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS) measures psychological safety at VALA. In 2022, as part of our ESS survey, we conducted a comprehensive Diversity and Equality survey, laying the groundwork for a DEI plan.

Psychological safety ESS results form past three years

Beyond participating in Pride events and supporting organizations like SETA, we have revised the language in our job ads for inclusivity and introduced open salary levels. Our commitment to transparency is evident in our annual salary equality checks, ensuring fairness and equality. 

Additionally, we have actively promoted the employment of junior-level experts from diverse backgrounds and offer mentorship programs to create a workplace where every employee feels seen, heard, and valued. Read an example of this here.

Some simple examples of what we have done to promote DEI.

An ongoing journey

While we are proud of our efforts, we acknowledge that our DEI journey is ongoing. We recognize there is more to be done and we are committed to staying focused on these topics and determined to become an even more fair, diverse and inclusive company. 

This year, we aim to share knowledge even more and provide training for our employees on these topics. Our goal is to enhance transparency and continue our efforts, recognizing that these matters require constant attention. We strive to embed these topics into our company culture, valuing them every single day.

In conclusion, at VALA, diversity, equity and inclusion are not checkboxes but values that guide our everyday life. We understand the importance of psychological safety and we are actively seeking ways to improve and acknowledge that our DEI journey is ongoing.