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Making mistakes and learning from them is important at VALA. Can you tell a story of a time you f***ed up?

I can think of a couple but I’m guessing the biggest one of all is still to come. Thankfully I’ve been able to discover my mistakes and remedy them before shit hits the fan. No one pisses off, fail fast culture at its best.

You’ve seen many different projects; how would you describe a perfect agile environment?

Effective communication plays an utmost importance, but each project is unique in its environment and atmosphere. As long as communication channels are kept centralized so that information channels don’t vary too much (e.g. bouncing between Slack, email, Trello, Jira, Whatsapp).

Possibility to praise a friend! Who has been the best colleague in your career and why?

The entire team at my current project Kone is super: like-minded people and communication works really well.

How can we make the world a better place with programming?

Medical advancements and energy efficiency accomplished through programming are very important factors in affecting the world positively.

What is the best thing of working at VALA?

The freedom: being able to decide what, where and when to work. The ability to take unpaid vacations freely. Another positive consideration was arranging me with a car when the project location wasn’t optimal.

What is the worst thing of working at VALA?

Probably juggling between two work communities simultaneously; the customer’s community and the VALA community.

Tell us about a dream you have.

Moving to a huge farm in the country-side. Living with a bunch of animals (chickens, goats and cats. Lots of cats), but also with an animal caretaker because I couldn’t be bothered doing all the work myself. I would get rescue animals that could live out their lives peacefully and without harm. I would also require fast internet connection on my farm.

Quick and simple: Meaning of life?

Aren’t you supposed to answer 42 from Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy?

How would you solve the environmental crisis?

More comprehensive education on the topic.

Would you rather golf with Trump or Kim Jong Un?

I would choose Kim because he is less disgusting. All things considered.

7% of American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Can you explain this to our readers?

Religion and science should not co-exist in the same household.

What happens if Pinocchio says “My nose will grow now.”? How does this make you feel?

Haha, feels bad, man. I feel confused.

Are you a cat or a dog person?

Cat. I can relate to them. I like to sleep and eat. A lot.

If test automation was an animal, what animal would it be?

Hmm.. I can only think of cats. So let it be a cat. No further explanations.

What’s your favorite tech stack and why?

Python & Robot framework. Easy to use yet versatile.