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2017 Financial Statement – Profitable growth continues

VALA Group continued on its profitable growth path in 2017. Both revenue and profit growth rates managed to keep up with the terrific levels of recent years. The annual revenue of 2017 was approximately 5,8 million euros making the revenue growth rate 47% from 2016.

Also the profitability stayed in excellent level. The profit for 2017 more than doubled from 2016. More accurately, the profit of 2017 was approximately 1,1 million euros (EBIT 1,4 MEUR) and thus the profit growth rate from 2016 was 113%.

At the moment, VALA employs 80 people and the work for happiness and meaningfulness continues to provide results as overall wellbeing and high quality recruitments. VALA could have grown even more in 2017 but the focus in recruitment was strictly in quality instead of quantity, and the same strategy will continue in 2018. Our continuous development work will lead to enhanced personnel and customer satisfaction, enhanced and strengthened culture, new meaningful projects and most likely even better financial numbers in 2018.

CEO Sami Tuomisaari:

“Good financial statement figures tell us above all about successes in the development of our business fundaments; for many years we’ve invested a significant portion of our revenue into personnel wellbeing and customer satisfaction. It’s incredibly great to notice how these investments have taken VALA further, in terms of daily work and financial numbers. We truly are developing VALA to become the happiest work place in Finland.”

Deloitte Technology Fast 50

VALA will open an office in Southern Europe and issue shares for all employees in the year 2018!

In the annual strategy evening held yesterday, it was announced that share issue will take place for all VALA employees within the year 2018. In addition, to that we will open a remote office in Southern Europe this year to provide a chance to work remotely with our customers projects from somewhere warm.

The development of VALA within the past five years has been astonishing. Our revenue has grown six-fold from 1MEUR to 5,8MEUR and profitability is one of the best ones in our comparison group 21% (2017). We want to be the happiest company in 2020 and while aiming to that goal we also need to ensure that our success is divided equally for all. For this reason VALA will establish share issue for all employees to take part in. In addition, an engagement program has been formulated until the year 2022, which includes annual share issue and other perks that will be decided together.

We at VALA are like an extended family of 70 people and for us it is more than important that everyone will genuinely feel like VALA is more than just an employer. And for this reason we found that offering the opportunity to own part of VALA was an essential step to take. We are so excited!

Deloitte Technology Fast 50

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VALA once again in the Tech Fast 50 list

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 –program again listed the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Finland. The announcement happened today at Slush 17. We made it to the list first time a year ago. That is partly because the results are counted from the previous four years. Last year VALA was the number 35 in the list. Now we made a jump to the 23rd position!

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 –program listed Finland’s fastest growing technology companies now for the 13th time.

Deloitte Technology Fast 50

VALA group tech fast 50 2017

Media company MTV chose VALA as their strategic partner in quality assurance services

Widely known Finnish media company MTV has chosen VALA Group Oy as their strategic quality assurance partner in their digital services. The cooperation has begun in August 2017, and will continue until further notice. VALA was chosen as a partner after a competition with seven other companies. MTV was especially pleased with VALA’s values, customer references and genuine interest towards developing MTV’s digital services.

“QA services are critical to our digital products. Because of this, the QA partner has to be able to perform beyond normal service delivery. We wanted a partner which can apply their knowledge in to the use of MTV and take their place as part of our development teams”, says Jyri Kyllönen, Director of Digital Services and Development at MTV.

The contract covers the whole spectrum of quality assurance services including test management, manual testing, test automation and continuous development of testing processes. In addition, VALA will provide and maintain a testing laboratory used in the quality assurance of the digital services. The agreement is one of the most significant ones in VALA’s history. It will have a positive impact in the revenue growth and profit of VALA in the coming years.

“We are extremely thankful for the trust that MTV has shown towards us. It was a pleasure to notice that, already in the competition phase, we shared the same mentality starting from company values. This provides a solid base for our cooperation. It is very interesting to get to develop the long term quality and customer experience of MTV’s digital services with automation, cloud services and newest technologies”, Teemu Pesonen, Head of VALA’s quality assurance services.

Deloitte Technology Fast 50

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VALA Group joined the Robot Framework Foundation

We are proud to announce that VALA Group is now part of Robot Framework Foundation.

Robot Framework is a generic open source test automation framework for acceptance testing and acceptance test-driven development (ATDD). For more details about the framework itself see

Robot Framework Foundation is a non-profit consortium that fosters the growth of Robot Framework. It was founded by Finnish companies with a common interest to ensure the development of framework now and in the future.

We have been privileged to use Robot Framework for quite some time. It is one of the most important tools for VALA Group and we will continue to use it extensively in our test automation solutions. Now we want to start giving back, and joining the foundation is a great way to do this.

Deloitte Technology Fast 50

VALA Group makes it to the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list!

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 –program has once again listed the fastest growing technology companies in Finland. The list was announced today at OP headquarters in Helsinki. After a seemingly long wait, VALA Group has finally made it to the list. We are now on the 35 position on the list!

VALA Group has grown fast for many years already and a placement on the list has only been a matter of time because Deloitte counts the growth pace from the previous four years (2012–2015). VALA’s cumulative growth during this time has been 130%. Deloitte Technology Fast 50 –program listed Finland’s fastest growing technology companies now for the 12th time.

Deloitte Technology Fast 50

Booxmedia Cloud TV product testing

After the great exploratory testing session with Wolt we were happy to do it again with another customer. Booxmedia needed our help in testing their awesome Cloud TV product. Once again we had a very important role in testing the product right before launch. The session was a success and most importantly we had a good time working together!

Booxmedia exploratory testing

Wolt exploratory testing session

In order to help Wolt conquer the world, we offered our expertise by arranging an exploratory testing session at our office. It’s not bad being a software specialist, especially when there’s free food involved!

Wolt exploratory testing

Promoting road traffic safety among school children

We took part in the annual #raitaritarit campaign, promoting road traffic safety among school children. We were on call at Snellman elementary school making sure the new first-graders crossed the busy streets unharmed. Job well done! For more information:


Wellness Coaching for our Experts

We have started wellness coaching program that combines traditional personal trainer approach with some life coach aspects. The program trainers guide our experts individually on how to exercise, eat, and balance work and freetime.

Wellness Coaching

VALA hyvinvointivalmennus wellness coaching

VALA Group participates in the Night of the Machines

Sacrifice your smart phone for art. VALA Group participates in the Night of the Machines spectacle that is part of the Night of the Arts in Helsinki on 20.8. The event will take place in park of Freda and starts at 6pm. The show examines relationship between human and machine through music, dance and dialog. Interactivity makes the show unique: audience can adjust the music with their own mobile devices. Read more about the event in Finnish here.

The Night of the Machines

VALA Group koneiden taiteiden yö

VALA Summer Day

VALA team went to spend some time together in an untraditional way.

After having dinner together, we tried how it feels like to have superpowers. Flying got us excited.

VALA Summer Day

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Test Automation Training has started!

In our weekly test automation trainings everyone has a chance to become a Robot Framework expert. We start from basics in test automation, and gradually proceed towards trickier tasks and tools, keeping in mind the fundamental question: When test automation should be used, and which tools to be applied. Remote participation is also possible.

Robot Framework Studies

VALA Group test automation testiautomaatio training koulutus

VALA Cooking Day

People in VALA joined forces to make great food together.

A three dish dinner was cooked during the evening which culminated in an awesome stand-up performance by Jonathan Fanta. More cooking coming up!

Vala Cooking Day 12.12.2014

VALA Group cooking day kokkaus päivä


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