VALA Test Management Tool Evaluation

Assessment that provides an independent view on test management tools and suggests a tool for your environment.

Would a correct test management tool benefit your organisation?

Could a correct test management tool ensure your software quality, and save time and money?

Which test management tool would be correct for your organisation?

Test management tools have been developed to help manage software testing. In most of the companies they bring benefits by helping the whole testing process. However, needs differ and so do numerous test management tools; some of the tools meet your needs better than others.

The correct system can bring significant improvements to your quality assurance, such as:

  • Quality assurance becomes more transparent and systematic
  • Status of the testing is clear and documented
  • Human mistakes are less likely to happen
  • Test and bug reports are immediately accessible
  • Test automation, as part of continuous integration, is easier to implement

VALA Test Management Tool Evaluation provides an independent analysis of test management system needs in your organisation. It examines your current quality assurance environment, demonstrates different test management systems and finally suggests a system that would suit best your QA environment.

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