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Quality Driven Developer

Do you often come across job adverts that look like a chaos of keywords? Have you noticed that the list of required technologies to master might be the longest part of the advertisement and you end up not applying, because of the overwhelming jungle of letter combinations? Don’t worry, let’s keep things simple this time!

We are looking for Quality driven developers. Technical knowledge and handling some of the most important tools are essential. We don’t really care about certain keywords in your CV, however we are looking for professionals who have a background in software development. But as important as the relevant background is that you share our values and feel that our culture is a match for you.

VALA’s culture is more than just inspirational quotes on screensavers and mousepads. VALA’s culture is a combination of actions, attitudes and relationships, with a hint of idealism.

 What we offer:

  • Meaningful work. Finding meaningful work for our people is our single most important goal.
  • You and your wellbeing is our number one priority, even before our customers.
  • An emphatic, flat hierarchy and transparent organizational culture to thrive in.
  • Opportunity to participate in the development of the company.
  • An excellent environment for professional development, e.g. annual personal education budget and mentoring.
  • Professional communities where we share our experiences and learn together on topics of interest, such as impact skills or experiences on new development tools.
  • Lunch, phone and wellbeing benefits. We offer a 500€ annual wellbeing budget and you can choose where to use it, e.g. sports, culture, wellbeing or commuting.
  • Possibility to participate in future engagement programs.
  • On your behalf, we compensate your annual carbon footprint based on calculations of an average person living in Finland.
  • Possibility to book a remote week in our office in Southern Spain. 
  • Possibility for at-home child care for a sick child.

There are some attributes that we hope you to have:

  • You value the same principles as us: empathy and sustainability, wellbeing at the center, a self-directed way of working and a life-long learning mentality.
  • You get a thrill out of different technologies and have already found your own favorites that you master well.
  • You have an eye for the big picture and you are interested in what the end result is in the long run.
  • You are flexible; can adapt to new teams, domains and ways of working quickly.
  • You have courage to bring up your own observations and ideas and discuss your own and others’ ideas constructively.
  • Good communication skills. Fluent English is required, Finnish is a plus.

Next, you might be interested in hearing more about our customer projects. With VALA you get to work on industry independent projects and different sizes of customers. From smaller startups to established market leaders, from streaming media services to personal health devices, all the way to radiation treatment or imaging solutions for medical treatments. You can read more about our public references here: References

Our recruitment process:

Our process is lean but thorough. The length of the process is largely depending on you. If you want, we can usually reach a decision in approximately one to two weeks. Here’s the process:

  • A culture and value oriented discussion with our people team (and possibly a technical colleague) in which we’ll find out whether VALA would be a home for you where you can feel comfortable, find meaningful work, learn and flourish professionally. Moreover, the People team wants to find out if you would take VALA culture further by joining VALA community work, improving VALA ways of working or mentoring others. 
  • A coding test or similar for those who will need such skills in their work.
  • A second interview with our customer management team to figure out how VALA’s customer projects match your knowledge, wishes and interests.


Fill the application in two minutes below! More information from Tuomo Peltonen (+358 40 530 3478).

Note for candidates outside Finland: We require an EU working permit.