Quality Driven Developer

Can you deliver flawless back end, flashy front end or full stack? Can you choose best technology combination to meet client’s real needs? Do you know how to write quality in your source code? Are you interested in applying software development skills in business development?

In case you answered yes to most of the questions, we want you in our team. We don’t offer you ready made processes and answers, but want to create new things and solve problems together. By placing the bits and pieces together, through the whole organization, we want to deliver solutions our clients could not even think of. With quality assured to an extent they could not even dream of. The work is done in inspiring atmosphere of a young and growing company, where we develop both internal and client projects, and both internal and client businesses.

Preferred technical requirements:

  • Experience in React.js and Angular.js
  • Experience in Java development
  • Experience in Agile world, Devops, Scrum etc.
  • Experience in mobile environments (particularly iOS and Android)
  • Continuous interest in new technologies


Fill in the application in minutes clicking below. For further information contact Teemu Pesonen +358 400 513 514.